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  • Q-NEX technology, also known as Q-NEX audio visual integration technology, aims at giving the classroom devices centralized control by taking advantage of the school’s existing network, and in the meantime integrating AV distribution and live streaming on a unified platform, so that school IT admin can have centralized remote control over the whole campus through web or App anytime and anywhere.

    Why Are We Here?

    Without Q-NEX


    How to upgrade school's ICT level with the best budget? How to run the school economically with multiple devices? How to raise the school's competitiveness in education technology?

    School IT admin

    Unknown classroom device status. Running around for device management. Busy with phone call for repair. Same operation every day.


    Overwhelmed with complicated technology. Students play with classroom device. No feedback for faulty device repair request.

    Q-NEX Technology


    Make informed budget decisions on campus ICT systems under a clear knowledge of devices energy consumption; make public speech live or pre-recorded to the whole campus without assembling the students; make the campus a digitally organized one standing out from the rest...

    School IT admin

    re-schedule the on/off time for classroom devices, lights and air-conditioner based on the school timetable; automate school bells and PA system with customized audio; follow the device working status to timely maintain or repair defected ones...


    Easy to learn device control and smooth workflow for digital classroom technology; an authorized card to activate classroom facilities; faulty device get reported immediately...

    Application Scenario

    Smart Classroom Solution

    Upgrade your traditional classroom to a smart classroom with Q-NEX solution. All the classroom devices could not only be centrally managed by the IT admin, also easily operated by teachers.

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    Lecture Capture Classroom Solution

    By connecting the Lecture Capture System to NMP, we can build a Lecture Capture classroom with live streaming, so that the class can be broadcasted not only to websites like Youtube for students studying at home, but also to other classrooms for students in the school.

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    Lecture Hall Solution

    This solution is for lecture halls, auditoriums and other large classrooms. With the Q-NEX NMP and IQPodium, the ordinary lectern can be transformed into a multifunctional one with centralized control under minimum cost.

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    Campus Wide AV Distribution Solution

    Q-NEX solution for campus-wide AV distribution is based on the AV-over-IP technology to realize not only audio and video broadcast, but also live streaming to all of the classrooms as well as other public spaces in the campus.

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    Master-Slave Room

    Along with Q-NEX networked media precessor (NMP) as a highly integrated media control processor, not only taking over centralized device control for classrooms, but also setting up master-slave room enabled sharing AV content of master classroom to slaved classrooms or controlling av equipment in another room.

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    Smart Meeting Room

    Designed for meeting rooms, this solution utilizes Q-NEX Networked Media Processor(NMP) and professional audio and video system to realize unified device control and management in the meeting room.

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    Q-NEX Software


    Q-NEX App turns mobile device (Android or iOS) into ultimate mobile control panel, enabling control of classroom multimedia devices, lighting, A/C, access control, and other systems from virtually anywhere. It’s available for download from both App Store and Google Play Store.

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    Q-NEX Console

    Q-NEX Console is a web-based platform that can help IT administrators remotely control devices, distribute AV contents and manage scheduled list for automatic operation in a school. It can be accessed directly through web browser by authorized accounts.

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    Case Study

    See how Q-NEX technology has transformed learning at leading educational institutions.

    Global Indian International School - Singapore

    GIIS Singapore new campus has started construction work of two main buildings since 2016. With the aim of building a school with state-of-the-art technology, the school IT team came to us and were satisfied with a proposal for the smart classroom and smart campus

    Uttaradit Rajabhat
    University - Thailand

    As one of the prestigious universities in Thailand, Uttaradit Rajabhat University (URU) has equipped with new technologies in it’s new teaching building to embrace the 21st century learning. Q-NEX helps with better organized classrooms and more efficient management for IT administrators of URU.

    SCUD Group Limited -China

    Scud Group is a company with thousands of employees, and it has big requirements for staff training, especially technical trainings for workers on production line. How to create a smart teaching environment in a training room? These issues are what Q-NEX is confronting in this project and has to figure way out.

    Why to Choose Q-NEX Technology

    Making full use of each classroom's technology or simply figuring out how to connect all classroom devices together is not a teacher's worst nightmare.

    Managing and maintaining all campus equipment in an organized fashion is not a tough task for an institution's IT administrator

    Using audiovisual aids will help create a more engaging atmosphere for your classes.

    Integrated and compact product design makes system installation and implementation easy and convenient.

    Technical Support

    As a professional solution provider, Q-NEX team not only provides each partner with reliable products, but also engages in smart solution consultation and av control system design with detailed connection diagrams, user manuals and installation guidance. We hope our all-round technical support could be useful to fulfill every customer’s requirements.

    Have a Question or Want a Quotation?

    Access to Q-NEX sales, assistance, dealer referrals for sales Inquiries and information requests. Q-NEX specialist are ready to assist you.

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