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    How To Get Device Control in Schools

    For schools that have embraced mobility and digital learning both inside and outside the classroom, mobile device management is essential. In the age of remote learning, schools must make sure that the gadgets provided to the students are fully functional to guarantee academic continuity and that the devices have educational resources and information available. Parents and educators must work together to provide a safe online environment for children and students in grades K–12, especially since there will be extensive and largely unrestricted physical device use.

    This is precisely what might cause school IT administrators to become overburdened, and they resort to mobile device management to control the devices, resources, access, and content that students utilize. 

    Here are 10 ways to get device control in schools

    ● Establish a clear and concise mobile device policy
    The first step in getting remote control in schools is to establish a clear and concise mobile device policy. This policy should include what Q-NEX technology devices are allowed on school grounds, how they can be used, and any restrictions that are in place. It should also be made clear to parents and guardians that they are responsible for any damages that their child causes to school property.

    ● Use a mobile device management system
    A smart campus solution can be used to remotely manage and monitor devices that are connected to the school network. Q-NEX technology system can be used to centrally control the campus devices from the center location, install and uninstall apps, set restrictions, and remotely wipe devices if they are lost or stolen.

    ● Educate students and staff on mobile device safety
    It is important that students and staff are educated on mobile device safety before they are allowed to use them at school. They should be taught how to properly care for their devices, how to keep them safe from theft or loss, and how to spot and avoid online predators.

    ● Require students to use only approved apps
    There are many educational apps available that can be used for learning inside and outside the classroom. Schools should require students to use only these approved apps to ensure that they are accessing appropriate content.

    ● Restrict access to certain websites
    Some websites can be distracting or contain inappropriate content for students. Schools should use a web filtering system to restrict access to these websites.

    ● Monitor devices for signs of abuse
    Schools should monitor devices for signs of abuse, such as excessive app usage, battery drainage, or data overages. If a student is found to be abusing their device, they should be subject to disciplinary action.

    ● Encourage students to report abuse
    Students should be encouraged to report any abuse that they witness to a trusted adult. This will help to ensure that the problem is dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

    ● Use tracking software to locate lost or stolen devices
    If a device is lost or stolen, tracking software can be used to locate it. This software can be used to remotely lock the device, erase data, or even take pictures of the person who has it.

    10 Favorite "A-Ha" Tricks from Teachers:
    ● "If you are having trouble getting your students to pay attention in class, try using a visual timer. You can find one online or make your own. Set the timer for the amount of time you want your students to focus, and when the timer goes off, they know they can take a break."

    ● "If you want your students to remember something, have them write it down. Studies have shown that students who take notes are more likely to remember the material than those who don't."

    ● "Encourage your students to ask questions. Not only will this help them to understand the material better, but it will also show you which topics they are struggling with."

    ● "Use Q-NEX technology props! If you are teaching a lesson on the solar system, bring in a globe or a model of the planets. If you are teaching about the Revolutionary War, bring in a replica of the Liberty Bell. Students are more likely to be engaged if they can see and touch the material you are teaching."

    ● "End each class with a review. This will help your students to remember the material and will give you a chance to see which topics they are still struggling with."

    ● "Make learning fun! If your students are dreading a particular lesson, try to find a way to make it more interesting. For example, if you are teaching about the Civil War, you could have a mock battle in your classroom. Or if you are teaching about the Titanic, you could have a Titanic-themed party."

    ● "Encourage your students to work together. Group projects not only help students to learn the material, but they also teach important teamwork skills."

    ● "Find ways to incorporate Q-NEX technology into your lessons. Students are more likely to be engaged if they are using computers or other devices."

    ● "Make sure your students are getting enough sleep and eating a healthy breakfast. It is hard to learn when you are tired or hungry."

    ● "Encourage your students to take breaks throughout the day. A few minutes of fresh air or a quick game of catch will help them to refocus and be ready to learn."

    All of the tips above can help you to get better smart campus solution in your school. It is important to have a clear and concise policy in place, to use a mobile device management system, and to educate students and staff on mobile device safety. Additionally, you should require students to use only approved apps, restrict access to certain websites, and monitor devices for signs of abuse. 

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